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The 5 benefits of Therapeautic’s moisturizer cream

Moisturizer creams in HK have been part of skincare and beauty routines for a very long time. Even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was rumored to take milk baths because of its moisturizing properties. A moisturizer is used to lubricate and protect the skin, and moisturizer cream reduces the dryness of your skin by increasing the water content of the outermost layer of the skin. They make the skin appear healthier and combat the visible signs of aging. Therapeautic’s moisturizer cream HK products have a number of benefits, and some of them include:

1. Helps fight against skin issues and conditions

A good moisturizer HK product should keep your skin balanced. Many a time skin issues can crop up due to too dry or too oily skin. If you are regularly lax in properly moisturizing your skin, there are chances of developing serious conditions like rashes, irritation, and even acne. You can customize your daily moisturizing to meet the special needs of your skin. In fact, you can choose the best moisturizer Hong Kong product for your skin, depending on your specific skin type. Some moisturizers suitable for dry skin may not be suitable for sensitive skin. But Therapeautic has designed its moisturizer cream in HK to be suitable for most skin types, from normal to sensitive. It is also highly suitable for dry or thirsty skin and can keep rashes and inflammation away. The moisturizer designed by Therapeautic is composed of 12 active ingredients. These can not only guard against moisture loss but also make your skin feel smooth, soft, and healthy. Allantoin is an active ingredient in the moisturizer cream that works well on scar tissues and can be used to treat rashes and even burns. Similarly, ingredients like aloe vera have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in recovery.

2. Makes your skin appear younger and healthier

Skin that is properly hydrated and well-moisturized appears healthy and radiant. You can make your skin more vibrant by moisturizing it daily with a good moisturizer cream. Skin cells frequently renew in your body's most delicate places. Such areas are particularly susceptible to dryness and environmental elements. It can even increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Boost your skin by using a good moisturizer cream, like the moisturizer HK products by Therapeautic. Ingredients like tocopherol used in the Therapeautic moisturizer cream shield your skin cells from pollution damage and softens the skin, aiding in the formation of a natural moisture barrier for the skin.

3. Helps fight wrinkles

Regularly using a good moisturizer cream is the best way to combat wrinkles and age spots. After moisturizing, your skin will feel young and supple. We feel the best moisturizer Hong Kong products should have active ingredients that can counter aging, including aloe vera, Cica extract, and niacinamide. Therapeautic’s brand of moisturizers contain aloe vera and niacinamide, which help minimize wrinkles by retaining the elasticity of the skin. These ingredients can keep your skin supple for a relatively long time, giving it an ageless appearance. Many dermatologists are of the opinion that if you use a good moisturizer cream regularly, you will develop wrinkles at a lower rate compared to other people.

4. Minimize blemishes

When your skin is dry, blemishes become more obvious. But properly moisturized skin will appear glossy and smooth. Blemishes and spots become somewhat less noticeable if you use a good moisturizer cream, like Therapeautic moisturizer HK products.

5. Soothes sensitive skin

Many people are frequently troubled by irritated skin or by dry and itchy patches on their bodies. Sensitive skin requires additional care, and these people are in dire need of the best moisturizer Hong Kong products available. We recommend choosing a moisturizer cream HK product that contains soothing elements like aloe vera. Also, people with sensitive skin should use products that are free from potential irritants such as fragrance, essential oils etc. The moisturizer cream by Therapeautic has ingredients like prickly pear extract, ceramides, and aloe vera that can help soothe sensitive skin.

How should I choose the best moisturizer Hong Kong product for myself?

There is a wide variety of moisturizer creams in HK available on the market. This makes it challenging to choose the best moisturizer Hong Kong products that are ideal for your skin. However, there are several factors you can consider before buying a moisturizer cream for your body, and some of them include:

1. Type of moisturizers

A moisturizer is necessary for your body, irrespective of whether your skin is dry, oily, normal, or sensitive. Moisturizer HK products can be broadly classified into 3 types, which are: Humectants These include substances like glycerin that can hydrate and refresh your skin. A humectant like glycerin draws moisture from the surrounding air to the outermost layer of your skin and locks it there. It can also help protect your skin from any future moisture loss. Emollients These include lipid and oil ingredients like shea butter that give the skin a smooth appearance and improve its texture. These moisturizer HK products also come with anti-aging characteristics and can reduce lines and wrinkles on your skin. There are certain emollients that can also be used to treat skin conditions like eczema. Occlusives These are used to create a protective barrier over your skin to limit moisture loss. Many of the best moisturizer Hong Kong products perform only one of the above functions. The moisturizer creams designed by Therapeautic on the other hand, combine the goodness of ingredients like shea butter, glycerin, squalane, and aloe vera. These ingredients can soothe dry skin, lock in moisture, minimize irritation, and help protect against diseases like acne and eczema.

2. The skin type

Many people also choose the best moisturizer Hong Kong products for themselves depending on their skin type as well as the degree of dryness they are experiencing. Most dermatologists agree that for people with oily skin, the ideal moisturizer HK product is one that is oil-free and water-based. Humectant-based moisturizers that are lightweight and non-greasy are better suited for oily skin that is prone to acne. People with dry skin can opt for a bit heavier moisturizer that will keep the skin hydrated. A moisturizer cream containing shea butter is a good option for them. People who have sensitive skin must opt for paraben- and fragrance-free moisturizers. The moisturizer cream HK products designed by Therapeautic is free from all kinds of irritants, like fragrance, parabens, colorants, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and steroids. This makes it suitable for almost all skin types, ranging from normal to dry to sensitive.

3. Applying a moisturizer cream on your body

Apply a moisturizer cream as soon as you wash your face or body. This will avoid the skin from getting dry after you wash it. Also, applying the moisturizer cream HK products designed by Therapeautic on somewhat damp skin will yield better results, because they lock in moisture. Exfoliating your skin before using the cream can also be beneficial, if your skin is able to tolerate exfoliation. This makes it easier for moisturizer cream to permeate your skin by removing dead skin cells at the top of our skin barrier. We recommend using your fingertips to gently rub the moisturizer onto your body in circular motions till it is completely absorbed.

About Therapeautic moisturizer HK products – FAQs:

Many people think that oily skin does not need moisturizing. In fact, people believe that moisturizer cream can add to the greasiness of oily skin. But this is not true. Moisturizing is necessary for oily skin since it helps control oil production. Oil is one of the most valuable substances produced by your skin. When your skin produces the proper amount of oil, it can prevent wrinkles and maintain its smoothness and moisture. They are also essential for maintaining a protective skin barrier that guards against environmental irritants that cause acne.

Oil-controlling products can cause your skin to become dehydrated. When this occurs, your sebaceous glands overcompensate by creating extra oil in an effort to maintain the barrier function of the skin. Your pores become clogged due to this overproduction. This can lead to issues like blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Using a good moisturizer HK product can eliminate these issues and keep your skin healthy.

Many people do not moisturize their entire bodies. They apply a moisturizer HK product on easily accessible body parts like hands, feet, and faces. Many avoid moisturizing those regions that are difficult to reach, like their backs. But dermatologists advise people to apply moisturizer cream on their entire body. But if you are unable to do this, try to use the best moisturizer Hong Kong product you can find on your hands and feet twice a day. Both of these body parts have a high rate of skin cell turnover, meaning the upper layers of skin constantly die and dry up. Also, the skin is quite thick in our soles and palms, which makes it susceptible to growing calluses. Furthermore, we usually wash our feet and hands more frequently compared to other body parts, removing oils from their surface. So, using a good moisturizer cream HK product twice daily is recommended.

You can also use moisturizer cream regularly to help avoid wrinkles and fatigued skin, like after washing your face.

The best times to apply moisturizer creams are immediately following an exfoliation, a bath, or a shave. Many people shower using hot water. Even though hot water can be soothing, it is terrible for your skin, as hot water drains your skin of all oils and moisture, leaving it dry and parched. This is why people with dry skin conditions such as eczema, are told to shower with warm or lukewarm water only to try and prevent their skin from drying out even more. Therefore, applying a moisturizer cream after a hot shower is essential. You can also do this twice a day. Some people also prefer using a moisturizer cream in HK overnight. Proper and restful sleep, along with finding the best moisturizer Hong Kong product will aid in retaining moisture in your skin and removing dryness.

You can also moisturize your skin in the morning. This will help you to prepare, nourish, and shield your skin while you are out encountering the innumerable irritating elements present in the environment.

Washing removes both good bacteria and healthy oil from your body. So, bathing too frequently may result in dry and itchy skin. It can also cause harmful germs to penetrate through damaged skin. However, be sure to wash your hands regularly.

The important thing to remember is to apply the best moisturizer Hong Kong products after every shower. After showering and drying off, we recommend applying serums first, and then a moisturizer right away.

Lotions and moisturizer creams both hydrate the skin, yet they differ significantly. Some of the significant differences include:


Lotions are typically thinner than moisturizer creams since they have higher water content. This also makes it easier to spread them on the skin, and they can also be readily absorbed.


Oil is frequently used in lotions, and they can also have scents, which might irritate people with sensitive skin. Whereas the substances in moisturizer HK products are specially formulated to combat issues like acne, aging, and sensitivity.